Mathematics Courses:

Mat 950: Foundations for Algebra, Fall 2021

Mat 1010: Intermediate Algebra, Fall 2021

Philosophy Courses:

Prepared Courses:

Methods of Reasoning (syllabus): Sound arguments and good reasoning methods allow us to effectively search for the truth regarding any philosophical question. In this class, we will consider the reasoning methods used in everyday language, mathematics, and the sciences. We will consider how successful these methods are and how they are able to produce knowledge and understanding. We will discuss the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning, common argument forms, mathematical proof, the role of rigor and intuition in mathematics, the aim of the sciences, and methods of prediction and experimentation in the sciences. (Currently teaching, Spring 2021).

Philosophy of Mental Illness (syllabus): This course introduces students to ethics through topics relating to mental health. We begin by covering some prominent ethical theories and then move on to discuss topics such as what a mental illness is, how values influence psychiatric practice, issues relating diagnosis and treatment, legal responsibilities, and the intersection of feminism and psychiatry. (Fall 2020 & Winter 2021).

Philosophy of Science(syllabus): This course surveys some popular topics in philosophy of science. We will cover the realism/anti-realism debate, structuralism, causation, scientific explanation, the intersection between feminism and the sciences.

Philosophy of Mathematical Practice (syllabus): This course introduces philosophy o mathematics with particular focus on the literature relating to mathematical practice. We will cover the following topics: the role of proof in mathematics, mathematical explanation, diagrammatic and visual reasoning, mathematical cultures, and beauty in mathematics.

Past Courses (University of Notre Dame):

PHIL 10101: Introduction to Philosophy, Summer 2021

PHIL 20656: Methods of Reasoning, Spring 2021 (syllabus)

PHIL 20640: Philosophy of Mental Illness, Fall 2020 & Winter 2021 (syllabus)

PHIL 20635: Theory of Knowledge, Spring 2019 (syllabus)

Teaching Assistant (University of Notre Dame):

Jeff Speaks’ PHIL 10100: Introduction to Philosophy, Fall 2017

Curtis Franks’ PHIL 31300: Formal Logic, Spring 2017

Jeff Speaks’ PHIL 10100: Introduction to Philosophy, Fall 2016