Prepared Courses:

Philosophy of Mental Illness (syllabus): This course introduces students to ethics through topics relating to mental health. We begin by covering some prominent ethical theories and then move on to discuss topics such as what a mental illness is, how values influence psychiatric practice, issues relating diagnosis and treatment, legal responsibilities, and the intersection of feminism and psychiatry. (Currently teaching).

Philosophy of Science(syllabus): This course surveys some popular topics in philosophy of science. We will cover the realism/anti-realism debate, structuralism, causation, scientific explanation, the intersection between feminism and the sciences.

Philosophy of Mathematical Practice (syllabus): This course introduces philosophy o mathematics with particular focus on the literature relating to mathematical practice. We will cover the following topics: the role of proof in mathematics, mathematical explanation, diagrammatic and visual reasoning, mathematical cultures, and beauty in mathematics.

Current Courses:

PHIL 20640: Philosophy of Mental Illness, Fall 2020 (see syllabus above)

Past Courses:

PHIL 20635: Theory of Knowledge, Spring 2019 (syllabus)

Teaching Assistant:

Jeff Speaks’ PHIL 10100: Introduction to Philosophy, Fall 2017

Curtis Franks’ PHIL 31300: Formal Logic, Spring 2017

Jeff Speaks’ PHIL 10100: Introduction to Philosophy, Fall 2016